Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the duration of the Diploma in English course? Is it an approved course?

The Diploma in English is a eight-semester, two-and-half-year course. It is approved by relevent Malaysian authorities, i.e. the Ministry of Higher Eduation and Malaysian Qualification Agency (MQA previously called LAN or Lembaga Akreditasi Negara).

2. Is the course accredited?

The course has been awarded provisional accreditation. The process for full accreditation will begin when the first group is in its final semester, which will be in January 2012. The official requirement is that a new programme must complete the full duration before it is accredited.

3. How much does it cost to take the Diploma In English course?

Our course fees are available from our college administration department. Please contact our office on +603 8318 2411 and ask for our current course fees.

4. What is the mode of payment?

Students have several options. These include:
  • Payment by semester
  • Monthly instalments
Student will be invoiced according to the chosen option. Please contact the college for further information.

5. Can students opt to study only certain subjects?

This depends of the course you are taking and the subjects you wish to take.  Please contact the college for more specific information.

6. When do classes start?

Classes run Monday to Friday from 9.00 am to 4.30 pm.

7. Are evening classes available?

Yes they are. Classes will be conducted from 6.30 pm to 9.00 pm. These will be from Monday to Thursday. Friday will be a consultation day. Consultations will be by appointment.

8. Can I do the course online?

The Institute is in the process of putting the course materials online. When this is completed, part of the course material will accessible online. However, there will be some compulsory contact hours (class attendance) and final examinations will be conducted on campus.

9. What is the Entry requirement for the Diploma programmes?

We accept a minimum of three credits in SPM or from an equivalent examination. (Senior Middle 2 or 3, certificate qualifications, etc – Please check with the Academic Director on qualifications that are unfamiliar or not local).
SPM students who do not have three credits may be considered for a provisional entry on a case-by-case basis.
Mature students with appropriate work experience may also be considered.

10. For whom is this Diploma in English suitable?

Anyone who wants to improve their command of the English Language in a significant way so that it improves their overall chances of gaining entry to colleges and universities for higher education. The Diploma will open doors of opportunity for better jobs and career advancement.

11. What is the programme structure?

This depends on the course you wish to take.  Please see the individual course information or contact the college for more information.

12. Who delivers the Diploma in English course?

Lecturers who hold English language qualifications at graduate and/or post graduate level and have taught for a number of years at college level and/or were trainers at multi-national companies will be teaching our courses.

13. What are the Courses that are offered?

KIC Currently Offers:- Diploma, Degree and Foundation Courses.

14. What is the normal class size?

No class will hold more than 25 students.

15. Is there an age limit for enrolment?


16. Are all subjects compulsory?

Yes. If a student provides documentary evidence of equivalent subjects that have been taken and passed at a recognised institution, exemptions may be granted. This will not exceed a total of five subjects, not including the compulsory LAN subjects.

17. Can a student enrol for fewer subjects and be issued with a Certificate?

Not at the moment. The Institute cannot issue a Certificate without the approval of the relevant authorities. The Institute will apply for approval if this is thought to be useful. Students are free to choose any subjects that are available each semester and a Certificate of Attendance will be issued upon completion. A result slip will also be issued.

18. What financial aid is available?

EPF withdrawals can be made for education purposes. Please refer to EPF website for more details.
Study loans can also be obtained from the following banks:
        1. Lembaga Zakat Selangor (for those who qualified)
        2. PTPTN
        3. EPF withdrawal

19. Can a student choose not to do the LAN subjects, since it is a Diploma in English?

No. A diploma cannot be issued without evidence of a pass in all compulsory subjects. This is a requirement of the MQA.

20. Can a Diploma Certification be used to gain entry into local colleges or universities?

Most local colleges will accept an approved Diploma for entry into a relevant degree course. However, these institutions have the right to decide on the acceptance of any qualification. This will depend on what they consider equivalent to their entry requirements and criteria for the course(s) they offer. Kirkby International College will be glad to assist in any way, should there be inquiries about subject content, course delivery or other issues that need academic and management details.

21. Will the Diploma qualifications be accepted in overseas universities?

If students are accepted into twinning or franchised programmes in the local university colleges, they can easily transfer to the partner universities overseas and any other university in the consortium.
However, a direct transfer will be a little more challenging. Students should work with agencies such as the British Council and IDP. Kirkby International College will be able to assist these agents to address all requirements pertaining to the Diploma.

22. What are some suitable career paths after completing the Diploma in English?

Any career that needs good language skills, for example careers in the media, communications, public relations, teaching/tutoring, training and related areas.

23. Is there a time frame to complete the Diploma course?

Students can accumulate the subjects over a maximum period of 3.5 years. Upon successful completion of the course, a Diploma will be awarded.

24. How many intakes are there in a year?

There are 3 intakes in a year – January, April and July.

If you would like further information on our courses, please contact us at or submit a programme enquiry form.