Diploma in Early Childhood Education – KPT/JPS(KA9397)10/14, MQA/A 9397

2Education begins in early childhood. If you have  a passion to nurture the young and wish to invest in the building blocks of their future, then this Diploma programme is intended for you. This course is suitable for school leavers or early childhood professionals who require further qualifications to help with career progression. Those of you with a genuine interest in the development and welfare of young children are invited to apply to join our stimulating diploma programme. You will also get great work experience in our on-site kindergarten.

About the Programme

Located at Kirkby International College is the Two Stars and a Wish Kindergarten specialising in the English Scholastic method of early years education. Students on our Diploma in Early Childhood Education have the advantage of being able to carry out their practicum at Two Stars and a Wish. You will have the opportunity to be mentored by leading practitioners in the field of Early Years Education and Development.

Course Duration: 2.5 years | Entry Requirements: 3 credits in SPM


Programme Aim

To produce highly-qualified early childhood educators who are proficient in the field of early childhood education in line with the government’s aspirations of upgrading the early childhood profession.

Course Modules

Semester 1
– Foundation for Early Childhood Education
– Development of Young Children
– Observation, Assessment and Recording of Young Children
– English for Early Childhood Professionals
– Pengajian Malaysian (Malaysian Studies)
Semester 2
– English Language and Literacy
– Pendidikan Islam/Moral Awal Kanak-Kanak (Early Childhood Islamic/Moral Studies)
– Creative and Critical Thinking 
Semester 3
– Music and Drama for Young Children
– Becoming an Early Childhood Professional
– Health, Safety and Nutrition
– Mathematics for Young Children
– Entrepreneurship
Semester 4
– Planning and Organising Early Childhood Care and Education Setting
– Arts and Craft for Young Children
– Physical Education for Young Children
– Pendidikan Awal Bahasa Melayu dan Komunikasi (Malay Language Early Education and Communication)
– Malaysian Constitution and Society


Semester 5
– Science and Computer Education for Young Children
– Early Childhood Curriculum Approaches


Semester 6
– Management of Early Childhood Settings
– Social Studies for Young Children
– Introduction to Special Educational Needs
– Co-curriculum


Semester 7
– Classroom and Behaviour Management
– The Child, Family and Society


Semester 8
– Practicum (Two Stars and a Wish Kindergarten at Kirkby International College)

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