“Romeo & Juliet – Well Not Exactly”

“Romeo & Juliet – Well Not Exactly”

Kirkby International College Announces the Showing of

“Romeo & Juliet – Well Not Exactly”

1616 to 2016 – a 400-year legacy.


Kirkby International College is excited to announce the first night of Shakespeare’s play Romeo & Juliet, which will be performed at the Abdul Kader Auditorium on Friday, 8th April 2016 at 8.00 pm. The second performance will be on Saturday 9th April, also at 8:00 pm.  The matinee is reserved for school children which will take place at 3 PM on Wednesday 13th April 2016.

Shakespeare400 is a consortium of educational organisations coordinated by King’s College, London to mark the 400th anniversary of Shakespeare’s death.

Kirkby International College, Cyberjaya joins hundreds of schools, colleges and universities, as well as theatre groups, all over the world to mark this 400-year legacy.


Kirkby College has produced its own version: “Romeo & Juliet – Well Not Exactly!”

Clare Lane, the script writer and Director of the play, said, “Kirkby International College provides an immersive English speaking environment for students at its Cyberjaya campus.  We have had fun challenging students to master the Bard’s language.”

“Our Diploma in English students welcome the challenge of learning lines, rhymes and tongue twisters that even the best native speakers of English find difficult.”

Kirkby College’s President of the Students’ Council explained,

“The whole process from audition to learning the lines to dress rehearsals has been an educational experience, not just about learning English but learning to contribute.  For example, students on the Diploma in Early Childhood Education made the props, students from the Diploma in Animation did the design of the stage, background scenes and the musical arrangements, and students on our Diploma in Business did the publicity and public relations work.”

Nicole (Juliet) “All the staff contributed in one way or another.  Madame Cecilia made the costumes.  The President, Puan Bismillah, helped to make Shakespeare’s hat.”

Ashraf Aari (Mercutio)  “It has been great fun, we just hope we don’t have to do an exam on Romeo & Juliet, that would really take the fun out of it.”


For More Information please contact:

Farah Hanis Zainal Azhar

Marketing Executive

Tel:     017 5164371