Note from the President / Bismillah Kader

Welcome to Kirkby International College.

Kirkby International College is a private and public partnership (PPP) enterprise located in a modern campus environment in Cyberjaya, Malaysia. Most universities and colleges, both private and public, have grown along the traditional route of classroom teaching, lectures and workshops. Kirkby International College places a high emphasis on interactive learning and on enhanced and broad curricula, combining the best of international content with local curriculum to prepare young people to be efficient and effective citizens as well as talented global players. We have an advantage by being in Malaysia’s first cyber city, which is already an international education hub.
We formed Kirkby International College to focus on the preparation for 2020 as Malaysia progresses toward more globalised involvement in all aspects of development.  We aim to address the need for gifted and talented teachers who are dedicated to lead and shape young people in public and private schools so that they can participate and benefit from post-school education and training and gain fulfilling careers.
It is with a resolution to address this need that Kirkby International College proposes a concept model for the growth and expansion of teacher education and training based on Malaysia’s Economic Transformation Programme (ETP) targets.  We propose to enhance academic development, human capital assets and GNIs.
Join us by enrolling in our programmes, coming aboard our faculties, participating in our advisory bodies or simply by sending us your ideas and suggestions. I look forward to hearing from all who wish to contribute to this exciting challenge.
 – Bismillah Kader, President of Kirkby International College